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Sarawak Cable Berhad's Mobile Soup Kitchen – 28th November 2015

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The month of November saw SCABLE embarking on a joint community project with the Society of Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP). This time round, 20 SCABLE volunteers decided to assist the needy in ‘Mobile Soup Kitchen’ style, handing out dry goods at 5 locations namely Song Kheng Hai, Petanak Market, Sungai Apong, Poh Kwong Park and Kampung Kudei.

Despite unfavourable weather conditions, our team kept up high spirits through teamwork and goodwill! Collectively, SCABLE contributed 500 KGs of rice, 100 KGs of sugar, 500 packets of instant noodles, 100 litres of cooking oil and 100 packets of cream crackers to a total of 100 families under SKUP’s welfare and assistance programmes. It was a day of smiles indeed for many, as they barely got by on less than RM500 a month per household.

This community project is one of many that SCABLE has initiated over the past few years, with various organizations. To date, SCABLE has donated over RM400,000 to charity, and will continue to do so in light of service to its stakeholders and local community.

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