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Sarawak Cable Berhad's Mobile Soup Kitchen Reaches Out to Urban Poor.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Borneo Post – Thursday, 3 December 2015

KUCHING: Sarawak Cable Berhad (Sarawak Cable) has reached out to the needy by contributing some dry goods through a splinter group of the company’s social responsibilities (CSR) committee known as SCB Mobile Soup Kitchen.

The Company in a press statement said SCB Mobile Soup Kitchen last Saturday embarked on a joint community project with the Society of Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP). Sarawak Cable revealed that 20 volunteers from the SCB Mobile Soup Kitchen enthusiastically gathered at the SKUP headquarters before proceeding to five drop-off locations namely Song Kheng Hai, Petanak Market, Sungai Apong, Poh Kwong Park and Kampung Kudei to distribute foodstuff to the needy.

The company explained that the activity and initiative was part of its CSR programme to contribute back to society.

Sarawak Cable’s corporate affairs department assistant manager Chang Siaw Ling said, “As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) motto “With Love, We Care”, we try to give back as much as possible to the community in various ways. This year, we decided to liaise with SKUP because its rather shocking to discover impoverish communities surviving on less than RM500 every month, in modern Kuching. Hopefully our contributions will present some form of comfort and encouragement”.

Meanwhile the company noted that it was a fruitful morning with the volunteers handing out 500 KGs of rice, 100 KGs of sugar, 500 packets of instant noodles, 100 litres of cooking oil and 100 packets of cream crackers to a total of 100 families under SKUP’s welfare and assistance programmes. Sarawak Cable said the chilly morning rain did not dampen the spirit of the volunteers.

On another note, SKUP chief secretary Lieutenant Colonel (R) Fabian Wong explained that while daily food distributions fulfilled short-term goals, the organization has established mid-term and long-term programmes to provide these identified families with various Life Skills and Education support systems. Wong noted that through the various life skills and education support systems, it encourages them to independently raise their own standard of living.

In the meantime, Sarawak Cable disclosed that the community project was one of the many activities that the company has initiated over the past few years. To date, Sarawak Cable said that the group has donated over RM400,000 to various causes and organizations, and will continue to do so in line with its services to its stakeholders and local community.

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